Printing Equipment Manufacturers

Lumex Exposure Unit

Fast exposures and hard stencils with reduced running and maintenance costs.

Multi-Purpose Printers

MP 1 & MP 2: Adaptable, User Friendly and highly versatile machines.

Angled exposure Units

A new range of angled exposure units for exposing direct to screen frames as well as conventional screen exposures.

Trojan Auto Carousel

Affordable / High Output / Robust Automatic Carousel range - built in the UK

Gas Dryers

High Volume / Efficient / Latest Technology - Huge range of options and applications.

Glue Applicators

An automated method of safely applying adhesive. Less mess and more efficient.

Digital Printing: Eagle range


- Printing line with load and unload
- Automatic detection of pieces or continuous printing
- Variable height with PHPC ( Print Head Position Control )
- Different versions for different applications: TX, UV and solvent
- Optional vacuum belt

Secabo Heat Presses

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