Washout Booths

Sureprint manufacture a range of pre press equipment for developing and processing screens before and after printing. The Sureprint range of Stencil Processing Units and Washout Booths are available in galvanised steel, polypropelene and stainless steel versions. A range of standard models are available but special sizes can be accomodated.

Stencil processing units come with an electric shower head attachment as standard and an air switch to activate the flourescent tubes, which illuminate a perspex diffuser panel. Access to the tubes is from the rear, via two access doors.

Stencil Preparation Unit

Stainless Steel


  • Perspex diffuser panel with air switch to activate light panel.
  • Led lighting behind a perspex panel gives good even lighting of the panel.
  • Special sizes made to order.
  • Optional shower unit can be added at additional cost.

Washout Booth

Stainless Steel


  • Long lasting and durable stainless steel booths last far longer than galvanised or polypropylene booths.
  • Waste flitration tanks are also available for use with these booths.

Dimensions, Max Frame Size

  • Model 0:

30'' x 36'' (760mm x 920mm)


  • Model 1:

42'' x 52'' (1065mm x 1325mm)​


  • Model 2:

61'' x 52'' (1550mm x 1325mm)


  • Model 3:

72'' x 60'' (1830mm x 1525mm)


  • Model 4:

90'' x 72'' (2285mm x 1830mm)

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