Welcome to Sureprint, the one of the UK's leading manufacturers of high-quality and affordable screen printing machinery. With over 30 years of experience, we are committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions that meet their unique printing needs.  Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed. Browse our website to explore our range of screen printing solutions, and contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.


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LED exposure unit range, latest screen exposure technology.

Three types of exposure units to suit all requirements and budget levels.

Metal halide, LED, Actinic ranges.

Multi purpose screen printing machines.

MP 1 & MP 2: Adaptable, user friendly and highly versatile machines. Print anything flat

with inter-changeable platens.

New automatic screen developer and stencil stripping units. Dip tanks available made from stainless steel.

A new range of automatic screen washing systems will be available at the end of May.

Trojan carousel, & automatic rotary printing press range.

Affordable / high output / robust automatic carousel range - built in the UK.

Dryer range including dye sublimation ovens.

Gas dryers. Infra red dryers. UV dryers.

Combination dryers and special build units.

High volume / efficient / latest technology - huge range of options and applications.

Glue Applicators for automatic adhesive application to pallets.

An automated method of safely applying adhesive. Less mess and more efficient.

Screen printing hand benches, manual press.

Screen printing tables or hand bench printing press, made in a range of standard sizes, any size can be made to customer requirements.

Quartz flash dryer for  a manual printing press.

Quartz flash dryers suitable for use with all manual carousels and rotary printing presses.

Quartz flash dryer for an automatic press.

Quartz flash dryers for use with automatic carousels.

Dye sublimation ovens for sublimating mugs.

Dye sublimation ovens designed and built for the heat transfer of sublimated designs onto mugs and other products. The pictured  machine is only 1 m wide, has a two m oven and 1.5 m outlet which is fitted with a large cooling fan. This reduces the temperature of the sublimated mugs very quickly after exiting the oven, this leaves very detailed images on the mugs with very vibrant colours. The above unit is all electric but larger gas versions are also available. The unit is fitted with a precise digital temperature controller and digital speed controller for accurate, precise control.



Drying racks for drying flat printed stock items.

Drying racks, 50 or 60 trays, powder coated with every tenth tray identified with a different colour for easy counting of prints. Two standard sizes available. 60 x 40 or 40 x 30 formats.



Specialist application automatic screen printing press.

Sureprint manufacture a wide variety of printers to suit any print requirement. The above machine was built to print car number plates which are printed after being mounted onto a jig, which is fixed to the base. Simple to set up and use this machine is ideal to get set up and running with minimalist set up time. An operator can become familiar with this machine within a few minutes of training. The above unit is a paralift machine giving plenty of clearance room to move product in and out of jigs.



Drying cabinets / combination drying and exposure units.

Drying cabinets for drying emulsion coated screens or washed screens after cleaning.

Combination drying and exposure systems can be manufactured to the customer requirements as the above unit fitted with an actinic type exposure unit, space saving design and digital controls makes exposing & drying screens a breeze.



Solvent filtration systems for reducing environmental waste.

Filtration systems designed to filter dirty water from the screen cleaning process.

Removes solid waste material with filters and cleans chemicals using limestone. This helps reduce environmental pollution from this process.

Special equipment manufacturing.

Need something a little different from the norm. We can cater for the manufacture of special equipment needs. The above requirement by the customer was for a dye bath, with a 1m x 1m bath with the ability for dying cloth and cleaning screens as well. Fitted with an illuminated background and shelf as well as a hand held water spray unit.

Manufactured for Gymshark.

Infra red dryers for textiles or other printed substrates.

What ever your drying requirements, we can offer a dryer to suit the need. Our Infra red dryers can be used for drying printed textiles, curing adhesive onto printed transfer sheets or curing inks on a wide variety of products.


Screen trolleys for moving quantities of frames around a shop.

A range of screen trolleys manufactured to be light and easy to move around a factory or shop environment. Makes the movement of screens easy and also provides storage of frames inbetween different screen processes.


Mobile job trolley carts for moving pre prepared setups to presses.

Mobile trolley carts allow all the bits needed to be moved around a workshop to set up screen printing jobs. The trolley can be loaded with frames, inks and all the accessories needed to set up a print job.

These trolleys reduce down time, speed up job change over.

Fabric printing tables for textile printing applications.

Sureprint manufacture a range of fabric printing tables for industrial and educational use. These tables are modular build and can be made to any size or length required. The tables have repeat bars fitted to the rear of the table and individual repeat stops are supplied two per metre. We also offer a recovering service, if your old table needs a new cover get in touch for a quotation.



Repeat print tables for repeat screen printing fabrics.

The printing surface can be either black or white depending on client preference. Individual printing stations can be fitted along the rear bar so multiple users can print different designs at the same time. This is  really usefull in educational environments where students need to use the same table at the same time.




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