Infra Red Tunnel Dryers

Sureprint Infra Red Tunnel Dryers are used in a variety of applications, T Shirt curing, Transfer Sheet curing, drying printed bottles and a wide variety of other applications where hot air is required to remove solvent from printed products.


Standard Sureprint Infra Red Dryers use Long Wave Elements for the curing of T Shirts and garments in conjunction with recirculated low pressure airflow fans.


In Dye Sublimation ovens high pressure forced air is required to recirculate the hot air around the oven in sufficient volume and under high pressure to ensure air temperature stays within a very tight tolerance. Ensuring even airflow at high pressure allows Dye Sublimated mugs to heat up quickly and sublimate the images to perfection. This allows dryers to be manufactured in large sizes and high volumes of sublimated products can be produced in an hour.


The image left shows an electric Infra Red Dryer

capable of curing 200 parts per hour. It is all electric and comprises a digital temperature controller, digital belt speed controller, high pressure internal fan and a large external cooling fan which drops the temperature of the mugs sufficiently to stop the sublimating process and allows the mugs to be handled with gloves for removing mug wraps and papers. The style of the dryer is different from the above dryer but still an Infra Red Dryer, the above image shows a dryer designed for Textile curing.






The mug shows the level of detail that can be acheived using one of our high volume dye sublimated ovens. Crystal clear images with very sharp colours and fine detail all at high volume production rates.

The image left shows an Infra Red Dryer being manufactured for curing Transfer Adhesive, built with a cooling section to the rear of the unit, the dryer incorporates Infra Red Elements, recirculation fan, digital thermostatic controller, adjustable belt speed controller and cooling section.


Whatever your application we can design and build a solution. 


Contact us with your requirements.



Standard belt widths:

  • 60, 90 & 120 cm.


Oven lengths as standard

  • 1.2, 2, 3 m oven sections


Standard features include:

  • Variable belt speed.
  • Mains isolator and saftey system.
  • Digital thermostat controlling temperature, air circulation fans, fume exhaust. 
  • Legs can be dismantled to fit through a standard doorway on small dryers.
  • Any size can be made to order.
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