Tea Towel Printers & Multi Colour Inline Printers

Sureprint is pleased to announce a brand new range of automatic printing machines for large format substrates such as tea towels and oversize prints. 

The Imprint is a range of multicolour printers designed to satisfy a large format print requirement but utilise a bare minimum of floor space. The Imprint range has been designed to print in a linear motion rather than a circular motion this saves a great deal of floorspace and requires only a single operator to run the machine. A circular machine takes up on average three times the floorspace of an Imprint machine.


Working with Terry and Nick Guyton of Norfolk China and CPN, we developed a machineto print teetowels with upto five colours. This allows the production of four colour process work to be done. With the 90% of the work less than three colours it made perfect sense to build a machine in a linear fashion rather than utilise a standard large format carousel.


A carousel would have meant the aquisition of a new factory space, the Imprint utilises their existing floorspace without the need for investment in additional space, which would have increased their cost of production. The machine has a carousel mounted in the front of the machine which allows fast production of single colour prints and a twin platen which increases the volume of production when doing multicolour jobs.


The Imprint is available in two to six colours in a large format version, and smaller machines and variants for teeshirts and bags will be available in the coming months.

Article from Images Magazine
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