MP 2

The MP2's innovative design with sliding plattern makes this our most efficient, adaptable and user friendly printing machine yet.


  • Can be run as an automatic or semi automatic by using a dwell timer.
  • Small footprint 1700mm x 760mm.
  • Prints all flat objects, textiles, transfer papers, plastics, aluminium.
  • Using jigs objects such as books, catalogues etc can be printed.
  • Illuminated suction bases for transfer printing applications.
  • Micro adjustment allows the machine to be used for multicolour printing on all rigid substrates.
  • The fast change pallet system allows for the quick change of pallets in seconds, 60mm of height adjustment.
  • Pneumatic screen clamps allow fast change of screens and setup times are very fast.
  • Micro adjustment for multicolour set up.
  • Max screen size: 70cm x 90 cm - larger sizes available on request.

MP 2 Textile

- Comes with variety of quick change pallets suitable for printing bags, single colour tee shirts and other textile products


MP2 Graphic

- Comes with all the standard textile printing platens, it is also fitted with a pump, vacuum pallet system, dwell timer and is suitable for printing all flat substrates.

NEW Development:

  • Illuminated suction bases for transfer printing applications.
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